Songs and Sheet Music

A selection of songs and music from my archives.

Songs from Harmonic Circle
Songs with guitar chords from a twice-monthly song circle.
Songs from Ecojustice Camp
Songs with guitar chords from an ecology summer camp.
More songs
Songs with guitar chords from various sources, including songs from the Folk Choir of First Unitarian of New Bedford.
A capella sheet music from The Noteables
A capella music.


Songs from Harmonic Circle
A twice-monthly song circle in Palo Alto, California. All have guitar chords.

Banks of the Ohio (murder-free version), sheet music
Murder-free version of lyrics by Jerry Friedman, vocal harmonies adapted from Bill Monroe, guitar chords.

Row On, Row On, sheet music
Lyrics from a 19th C. whaling log, music by Tim Leacock and the folk process.

Sweet Betsy from Pike, sheet music
With guitar chords.

We’ll Stand the Storm, sheet music
A wonderful Fisk Jubilee Singers song, with guitar chords and new lyrics.


Songs for kids from Ecojustice Camp
Summer camp songs and ecology songs. All have guitar chords.

The Adaptation Song, sheet music
Song about California native animals and how they adapt to their environment.

The Ballad of Adobe Creek, sheet music
Song about Adobe Creek, which flows into San Francisco Bay.

California Country Roads, lyrics and chords
Parody of “Take Me Home Country Roads,” with lyrics about the Santa Cruz Mountains in California.

The Cat Came Back, sheet music
Original lyrics by Harry S. Miller, with the more familiar summer-camp tune instead of Miller’s original tune.

Down by the Bay, sheet music
If you get tired of the Raffi lyrics, here’s 50 more verses.

Every Living Thing, sheet music
A song about interdependence, focusing on ecosystems in and around the Santa Cruz Mountains.

If You’re Happy and You Know It, sheet music
The animal version of the classic kid’s song.

Mercedes Benz, lyrics and chords
An updated version of the classic anti-materialist song from 1970.

Oh My Darling Clementine, sheet music
All the usual verses, with slightly more interesting guitar chords than usual.

There’s a Hole in the Bucket, sheet music
This version of the song ends with Liza saying, “Use your head!”


More songs
Most songs in this section have guitar chords. Includes songs from the “Folk Choir Song Book,” Folk Choir of First Unitarian in New Bedford (2008-2009).

Babylon Is Fallen, sheet music
Lead sheet with guitar chords. All six original verses from the 1813 Shaker hymnal, Millennial Verses; with the familiar tune from The Sacred Harp.

Hard Times Come Again No More, sheet music
The Stephen Foster song, with guitar chords. #5 from the Folk Choir Song Book.

Hard Travelin, lyrics and chords
Woody Guthrie’s song, with updated verses from the Great Recession of 2008.

May I Be an Instrument, sheet music
An anonymous round, lead sheet with guitar chords.

Michael Row Your Boat Ashore, sheet music
Two versions: the original 2-part version from Slave Songs of the U.S. (1866); a version with contemporary harmonies from the Folk Revival. #17 from the Folk Choir Song Book.

Morning Breeze
An anonymous New Age-y song, that can be sung as a partner song with “Wade in the Water.” #15 from the Folk Choir Song Book.

Mother Earth Grace, sheet music
A classic round (“Rose, Rose”), with new lyrics. #10 from the Folk Choir Song Book.

Mother Moon, sheet music
An anonymous chant, lead sheet with guitar chords and 3 new verses.

Old Time Religion (parody), lyrics and chords
The filk classic, with 30 less well known verses that I collected and edited. With guitar chords.

Thula, sheet music
Simple round or 3-part harmony song. #24 from the Folk Choir Song Book.

Trouble in Mind, sheet music
Melody with optional bass part, guitar chords. #3 from the Folk Choir Song Book.


A capella sheet music from the quartet The Noteables
Sheet music in 2, 3, and 4 parts from an a capella quartet based in San Francisco.

Ah Robin, SBB
William Cornysh, c. 1500; with modernized English.

Come Again, SATB
John Dowland, c. 1600.

For Love Every Creature, SB
Henry Purcell, 1691; arranged for a capella singers.

Greensleeves, SB
Melody from William Ballet’s Lute Book, c. 1580. 3 verses, with a diff. bass part each verse.

Jolly Old St. Nicholas, SATB
With 1865 lyrics by Emily Huntington Miller, and music from the 1881 “Franklin Square Song Collection.” Lyrics slightly altered.

Nowell Syng We, SB
Anonymous 15th C., in middle English, with link to Youtube video for pronunciation.

Santa Claus, SATB
Also known as “Up on the Housetop.” With older 1864 lyrics for 2 verses by Benjamin Hanby, plus 1 verse from 1861 by Sophia Griswold.

Scarborough Fair, BB
2-part arrangement of trad. folk song.

Star in the East, mezzo, bari, bass
William Walker’s original 3-part arrangement, with original lyrics by Reginald Heber.

Tant Que Vivray, mezzo, alto, bari, bass
Music by Claudin de Sermisy, middle french lyrics by Clement Marot. With modern English lyrics

Time’s Eldest Son; Then Sit Thee Down; When Others Sing, SB
John Dowland; a capella version of these three linked songs.

Wondrous Love, mezzo, bari/alto, bass
Three part arrangement by James Christopher, 1840. Lyrics from Stith Mead, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1811.