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Standard supplies for Sunday school

This form belongs in the public domain.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Valhalla
Standard supplies for Sunday school classrooms

Age group: _____________________________

Checklist of standard supplies that should be in each room's supply cabinet:
____ Drawing paper (9x12 in., 2 pads minimum)
____ First aid kit, including disposable gloves
____ Glue sticks, 15 ea.
____ Hole punch
____ "Kleenex" facial tissues, one box
____ Name badges, 1 pack of stick-on
____ Pencils, 20 ea.
____ Scissors (12 small and 2 adult for preK-gr. 2 rooms; 14 adult size for all other rooms)
____ Stapler, spare staples, staple remover
____ Tape dispenser and spare roll of transparent tape

Supplies for Pre-K – gr. 2 classrooms:
____ Crayons, 12 boxes of 8 colors per box
____ Playdough

Supplies for gr. 3 and up classrooms:
____ Index cards, pack of 100
____ Markers, 4 each of 8 different colored broad-tip washable markers
____ Pens, 20 ea.

(Adult leaders/teachers may also store other supplies in their class's storage area.)

____ Date checked by RE Assistant.