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Don King takes on Emerson

The following appeard in the church newsletter for the Geneva church back on January 18, 1976. It was written by Don King, minister here for many years. I offer his words without comment one way or the other. What do you think?

“I like the quiet church before the service begins.”

Emerson did say it and it is quoted voer and over as an admonition to people to come into church and sit quietly waiting for something to start. Why?

Do you come to church to sit alone and meditate? Or to greet your friends and to participate in a common activity?

I like the active church before the service begins — the coffee committee running back and forth, parents bringing their children to the nursery, friends speaking to each other, Alliance or church officers catching each other to talk business — the whole feeling of people with something to do. Let the children wander around; go speak to your friend.

When the prelude starts is time to settle down.

I like the active church before the service begins.