About “Assabet Lumber”

“Assabet Lumber” is a spiritual autobiography — when I was nineteen, I took time off from college and got a job in a lumber yard. However, all further progress on this project is taking place off the blog.

Cast of characters at Assabet Lumber

Names have been changed, and some identifying characteristics and events have been fictionalized, to protect privacy. These are early drafts of chapters, and may be a little rough; bear with me. Comments are always welcome: please comment on individual posts (comments will be closed about a month after initially posted).

Frank Pierce, President
Charles Bartlett, Vice president
Frances Blood, Shipper
Dennis Butler, Outside sales
Dave Rennick, Comptroller
Alice Swan, Receptionist
Jane Davis, Bookkeeper

Ralph McIver, Salesman
Tony Murando, Salesman
Rob McAllister, Salesman, Hardware buyer
Howie Gale, Salesman
Jeff Lanier, Salesman
Henry Barrett, Sales, Paint buyer
Dick French, Stock clerk, hardware
Alfie Davis, Part-time stock clerk, paint

“Carolina” Carter, Foreman
Willie Hildenbrand, Yardman
Me, Yardman

TRUCK DRIVERS (in ordere of seniority)
Sam Gagnon, Driver, truck maintenance
Ed Fox, Driver
Fred Johanson, Driver
Hank Marsh, Driver

International S-1600 (1978?)
Ford F-600 16′ bed
Ford F-600 16′ bed
International [model no.?], 12′ bed
Clark forklift, 2,000 lb. capacity
White forklift, approx. 1,500 lb. capacity